All groundbreaking projects start from small prototypes.

Volburg provides prototyping services and support to all existing clients, such as medical, industrial and automotive OEMs and strategic purchasers. Small and medium sized production volumes of prototypes and PCB boards of various complexity can be assembled.


Volburg understands the wishes and specific requirements of customers and provide individual approach to customer’s needs, flexibility, and engineering support.

Product-development and engineering-support services, including PCB layout design, programming, inspection, and testing solutions.

From prototyping to small product batches – Volburg offers all the prototyping services necessaryto transform client ideas from a drawing board sketch into a real prototype. The experiencedVolburg design team will provide you with all the necessary expertise and support to rapidly createclient prototype. Company can procure and supply components, and also take on long-term production.

All groundbreaking projects start from small prototypes.

Prototyping stages

  • Software development and setup
  • PCB structuring and processing (Single/double sided)
  • Drilling and THP mounting
  • Solder plate stencilling (RoHs / non-RoHs)
  • Solder paste printing
  • PCB Assembly type selection:
    • SMT (Surface Mounted Technology)
    • Through-hole technology (THT)
    • Mixed assembly (SMT and THT)
    • Kit type assembly
  • Pick and place components
  • Reflow/Wave soldering
  • Inspection and quality control (Visual/AOI/ICT/EOL)
  • Through-hole component insertion
  • Selective soldering
  • Final inspection and functionality test
  • Additional available prototyping options at SMT stage/THT stage are rigid, flexible, or metal core PCBs; PCB material selection; solder masks; multilayer manufacturing and lamination; legend printing, reflow soldering, RF and Microwave circuits, conformal coating, through-hole plating methods (rivets, chemical free, electroplating) etc.