Engineering solutions

Volburg provides a full range of engineering solutions, including PCB layout design, programming, inspection, testing solutions and test unit development. Engineering support is provided during adjustment of new products for the manufacturing process and redesign can be carried out along the way if necessary. Product programming, including development of test units.

PCB, SMD assembly and soldering

Qualified Volburg engineers through the use of advanced machinery are capable of low to mid volume supply of PCBs with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT) capabilities. Offered services include procurement of all components, comprehensive inspection and testing, as well as final assembly and packing. Volburg can assemble PCB boards of all levels of complexity.

All groundbreaking projects start from small prototypes.

Box Build & System Integration

Volburg provides box build services and system integration of manufactured assemblies and parts. Company also offers developing and sourcing all the necessary accessories and components – manuals, plastic and metal internal and external components and mounts, developing and uploading software, providing the appropriate packaging and even direct delivery services to end clients.

The following services are offered:

  • Sub-units assemblies forming a larger assembly, including plastic and metal parts as well as cables;
  • Box-built products;
  • Ordering of manuals and adding the manuals to the end product packaging; Direct delivery to the end customer is possible.

Box Build & System Integration

Regardless of the conditions where the product will used and the complexity of specified tasks –harsh outdoor environment with broad operating temperature range, high power applications, wires and connections between many rotating parts, exposed to industrial liquids, or even if the prospective product is just a household appliance operating in indoor conditions – Volburg will help choose and supply the appropriate product wiring harness or cable assembly, also balancing therequirements and costs, and will design the optimal placement, path and appropriate holding and mounting parts.

With comprehensive practical knowledge in the field of mechatronics and industrial and automotive product manufacturing Volburg will provide the right solution to keep the signals and current flowing in the products – regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Testing solutions

Thorough testing and inspection are a fundamental part of Volburg production process to be able to achieve and maintain exceptional product quality and customer satisfaction.

The quality tools, for both prototypes and high-volume assemblies are our inspection and testing solutions. We offer development of testing solution which meets the exact needs of our customers.

All groundbreaking projects start from small prototypes.


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