Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

2 SMD lines are used for Surface mount technology (SMT): one for serial production (40 000 cph max) and other for pre-series and small volumes (6 000 cph max). BGA, Micro BGA, CSP, 0201 component assembly.

Automated in-line SMD assembly using FUJI GPX screen printers, FUJI XPF, FUJI AIMEX SMD pick & place machines.

Quality inspection of each SMD-assembled PCB is done with 3D AOI.

Reflow soldering is done using SMT convection oven with Nitrogen option.

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Through Hole Technology (THT)

Manual and semi-manual THT assembly, PCB assembly and soldering using wave and selective THT soldering.

Highly experienced and skilled personnel and thorough quality control of each THT assembled PCB guarantees high quality.

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Conformal coating & potting

Volburg uses automated selective coating machine for providing additional PCB protection in sensitive industrial and automotive applications against harsh conditions.

Coating curing by air drying/UV curing. Coating inspection using AOI/UV light. Maximal coating application speed.

Potting is in use for automotive sensors and cable assemblies.

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Selective soldering

Volburg carries out selective soldering using SEHO and Pillarhouse soldering equipment for careful and precise soldering.

Selective soldering capabilities for sensitive components when wave of reflow soldering is notfeasible.

Both RoHS and non-RoHS selective soldering provided to select best solution for different markets, applications and legislation.

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Box - build and Packaging

Volburg provides box build services and system integration of manufactured assemblies and parts.Company also offers developing and sourcing all the necessary accessories and components –manuals, plastic and metal internal and external components and mounts, developing and uploading software, providing the appropriate packaging and even direct delivery services to end clients.

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The fundamental goal of the company is to provide world class quality services at competitive pricing to customers. Volburg has implemented QA module cwith EDI options, the Monitor ERP with full traceability

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