Electronic Manufacturing Services

Research and Development (R&D)

Volburg carries out research in addition to product development.
Company has extensive expertise in R&D through cooperation with OEMs, Exator
group companies and using own experience. Company understands the needs and
specific requirements of customers and can provide engineering, design and
planning support. Individual approach is provided during all stages of design,
testing, manufacturing, and re-design.

On the basis of material research Volburg has created new technological concept
and recommendations to increase the quality of soldering, adhesive, and coating
processes to improve the electronic module production process.

Currently developing

  • Currently Volburg is developing:
  • New PoP (Package on package) technologies for use in electronic unit production;
    New “Smart” class automotive amplifier with wider functionality using new design
    methodology, and improving the competitiveness of the company;
  • Wireless sensor control system development research project – to research the
    most efficient method for transforming mechanical energy into electrical for
    transmitting RF signal, develop safe RF transmission and reception protocol, signal storage, processing and visualization software, and carry out market/industry  research.