Volburg closely follows innovations in the industry to always be able to provide most efficient solutions using modern equipment including. The spacious company facility is optimized to improve manufacturing processes facility provides many advantages in manufacturing process to be able to fulfill customers’ requirements in time.

Volburg is proud that its highly skilled staff with profound technical and industry knowledge is able to assess every request and effectively contribute to design, production, and the quality of engineering.

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Supply chain management

Volburg supply chain management consists of:

  • Coordinating the procurement and purchasing of materials and components;
  • Establishing long-term business relationships with key suppliers of components and materials;
  • Continuously developing suppliers by improving their performance, ensuring the supply chain is as efficient as possible;
  • Efficient logistic solutions;

Obsolescence management

Reducing the additional cost and redesign risk in future by implementing component obsolescence risk monitoring system. Component life cycle and discontinuation analysis in PCN data management. Assistance in selecting components with best availability, quality, and price.

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Advanced traceability

Think of the advanced traceability solution as an opportunity to have first-hand insight about what exactly is happening to PCB assembly while it is being manufactured by Volburg team.

Volburg is one of the select few contract manufacturers that provides this detailed traceability feature, so clients can rest assured that their PCB assembly is receiving the ideal electronics manufacturing plan that it requires and deserves.

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The fundamental goal of the company is to provide world class quality services at competitive pricing to customers. Volburg has implemented QA module cwith EDI options, the Monitor ERP with full traceability

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