Volburg closely follows innovations in the industry to always be able to provide most efficient solutions using modern equipment.

Supply chain management

The sourcing expertise and capabilities of Volburg allow the company to provide its customers with a significant competitive advantage.

Advanced traceability

Think of the advanced traceability solution as an opportunity to have first-hand insight about what exactly is happening to PCB assembly while it is being manufactured by Volburg team.

Markets / Applications

Volburg is an established electronics manufacturing company, which exports high quality electronics products to EU, the one of the most demanding markets in the world – Germany, Scandinavia, and UK.

Industrial Electronics

Volburg has a long track record in industrial electronics sector and experience in implementing complex client challenges into viable high-tech solutions.

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Security Systems

In the field of security systems, Volburg brings its multidisciplinary expertise: sensors, solutions and technologies from industrial electronics.

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With a strong focus on the automotive industry, Volburg complies with IATF 16949:2016 and offers the best quality solutions in this competitive field.

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Energy Saving Solutions

The constantly booming sector of renewables is in demand for sustainable, secure and high-tech solutions.

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Our solutions

Volburg provides a full range of engineering solutions, including PCB layout design, programming, inspection, testing solutions and test unit development.


The spacious company facility is optimized to improve manufacturing processes facility provides many advantages in manufacturing process to be able to fulfil customers’ requirements in time.

Volburg is proud that its highly skilled staff with profound technical and industry knowledge is able to assess every request and effectively contribute to design, production, and the quality of engineering.

Supply chain management

Volburg supply chain management consists of:

  • Coordinating the procurement and purchasing of materials and components;
  • Establishing long-term business relationships with key suppliers of components and materials;
  • Continuously developing suppliers by improving their performance, ensuring the supply chain is as efficient as possible;
  • Efficient logistic solutions;

Obsolescence management

Reducing the additional cost and redesign risk in future by implementing component obsolescence risk monitoring system. Component life cycle and discontinuation analysis in PCN data management. Assistance in selecting components with best availability, quality, and price.

Advanced traceability

Think of the advanced traceability solution as an opportunity to have first-hand insight about what exactly is happening to PCB assembly while it is being manufactured by Volburg team.

Volburg is one of the select few contract manufacturers that provides this detailed traceability feature, so clients can rest assured that their PCB assembly is receiving the ideal electronics manufacturing plan that it requires and deserves.

All groundbreaking projects start from small prototypes.

Our technologies

Key Volburg technological capabilities:

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

2 SMD lines are used for Surface mount technology (SMT): one for serial production (40 000 cph max) and other for pre-series and small volumes (6000 cph max). BGA, Micro BGA, CSP, 0201 component assembly.

Through Hole Technology (THT)

PCB assembly and soldering using wave and selective soldering machines. Highly experienced and skilled personnel, and thorough quality control of each PCBA guarantees high quality.

Conformal coating & potting

Volburg uses automated selective coating machine for providing additional PCB protection in sensitive industrial and automotive applications against harsh conditions. Coating curing by air drying/UV curing. Coating inspection using AOI/UV light.

Box – build and Packaging

Volburg will provide consultations and will find the optimum balance between consignment and in house box-built products, performing the necessary in-depth analysis between costs, parts sourcing and network company services, build performance, quality requirements, and the time constraints

Customer map

Volburg exports 80% of production to the EU: Germany, UK, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland).

About Us

Volburg Ltd. is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS provider) Company, specializing in manufacturing of electronic assemblies (PCBA) and modules since its establishment in 1996.

Our focus is manufacturing of PCBAs as well as system integrated solutions including mechatronics, cable-harnessing, software uploading and testing. We have solid experience with a number of industries, however our main specialty lies in industrial, automotive and energy saving areas. Volburg has a long track record in industrial electronics sector with experience converting complex client requests into viable high-tech solutions. As part of swedish-latvian industrial group we are able to provide additional facilities, expertise, and value-added services, offering more competitive and comprehensive solutions to fulfil the needs of clients.

Since 1996 Volburg continues to be loyal to the philosophy of company – “We do our best for customers – we grow and earn our reputation together.” This philosophy is reflected in statistics – Volburg has never lost any client due to quality or service reasons. First pass rate in acceptance testing is 99,5% and delivery performance is 95%.



2 Meza Street, Salaspils, LV-2169, Latvia

VAT No. LV40003293907

+371 675 197 80

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