New testing machine SPEA S2 Flying Probe

Volburg has installed new testing machine SPEA S2 Flying Probe as part of European Regional Development Fund project.
SPEA 4050 S2 is a multifunctional and modern tool designed to perform electrical and optical testing of printed circuit boards. Equipped with 4 automated test probes this one device can replace many bed of nails testing stations. Highly advanced and user friendly software helps engineers create test programs for almost any product. Instruments built into each test probe allow instantaneous and precise voltage, current, resistance, continuity and LED characteristics measurements anywhere on the board. Complex guard devices enable isolation of specific components in the circuit for measurements that otherwise would not be possible. 4050 S2 is a testing machine of the future.

  • Published on: November 4, 2019


The fundamental goal of the company is to provide world class quality services at competitive pricing to customers. Volburg has implemented QA module cwith EDI options, the Monitor ERP with full traceability

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